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After leaving the used Dodge dealership, Hudson drivers might run into a wealth of different situations that could make driving more dangerous. Depending on where you are driving, there is a risk that you could run into different types of weather with little to no warning. One very dangerous weather situation is a tornado. There are some very specific things you need to do should a tornado occur while you are driving.

You Are in the Immediate Path of the Tornado

This is a scary situation and you will not have a lot of time to get to safety. In this situation, it is recommended by NOAA that you get into a ditch or an area that is similar. Do not stay in your vehicle. If you have a tarp or a blanket in your vehicle, you should cover yourself with this.

In certain situations, you might be unable to get out of your vehicle to a low-lying area. If you must stay in your car, you want to get down as low as possible, making sure that all areas of your body are below window level. Take anything possible to cover your body, such as your coat or a blanket. If you only have something small, covering your head and torso are most important.

You Have a Little Time Before the Tornado is in Your Path

If you have some time to react, find a durable shelter if you can. Just about any place with a basement can offer you some shelter. If there are any businesses nearby, such as a gas station, go there and ask them for help. Avoid all structures that are not solid to the ground, such as mobile homes.

Make Sure to Take Cover in a Safe Place if Possible

When in bad weather, it is a common instinct to want to find shelter under something. While this is ideal for certain weather situations, it is not a good idea when a tornado is approaching. A bridge or an overpass, for example, will not protect you from the wind or things in the air. Instead, if you are out somewhere open, it is better to find the lowest area possible, such as a ditch, to take cover. Make sure to leave your vehicle.

You can see that there are many things you should do if a tornado occurs when you are driving. After leaving the safety of the used go to this site Dodge dealership in Hudson, the roads can be unpredictable. Just make sure that you are prepared, so like it that you can make the best decisions for your safety.

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